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What I Learned about Investing from Darwin

What I Learned about Investing from Darwin


Prasad, Pulak

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What I Learned About Investing from Darwin: Evolutionary Insights for Investors

In "What I Learned About Investing from Darwin," Pulak Prasad introduces a novel approach to investing, drawing inspiration from evolutionary biology. Amidst a crisis in the investment profession, where active equity fund managers struggle to outperform the market, Prasad offers a refreshing philosophy for long-term investing success.

Prasad creatively applies Darwinian concepts to investment strategies, using examples from nature to illustrate key lessons in investing. He explores how the survival strategies of bumblebees can teach us about accepting missed opportunities, like Tesla, and examines what the domestication of foxes reveals about identifying successful business traits. He even delves into how a frog's mimicry can enlighten us about corporate dishonesty.

The book presents three core mantras for investors: avoiding big risks, buying high-quality assets at fair prices, and embracing a 'very lazy' approach to investing. Prasad argues for a selective strategy, focusing on permanently owning high-quality businesses rather than chasing numerous investment opportunities.

Combining engaging prose with practical insights, "What I Learned About Investing from Darwin" not only offers a unique perspective on investing but also underscores the relevance of evolutionary biology in improving investment strategies. This book is a must-read for fund managers and investors seeking innovative ways to enhance their investment skills and achieve long-term gains.

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