Prodcast Turns Mentions into Money

Every time you mention a product on your podcast, there's a potential sale waiting to happen.

Your Prodcast store will help you earn more with zero extra effort.

🎙️ Monetize Without Ads - Earn without relying on sponsors

🌟 Value for Value - Because your content is worth more than a commercial

✨ True Engagement - Connect deeply with your listeners. Build trust, not just traffic

🤝 Direct Support - Embrace the audience that values your voice and wants to invest in it

🚀 Sustainable Growth - Relying on ads? There's a more resilient way to grow

🎧 Listener-Centric Approach - Ads distract. Value attracts

🎉 Celebrate Authenticity - True value emerges from genuine content

📈 Direct Impact - Feel the real-time effect of your audience's support

How it Works

  1. Claim your podcast
  2. Include your link in your show notes
  3. Receive weekly payouts from the products and services your audience buys

We Handle Everything Else

You Focus on Content, We'll Handle the Commerce.

✅ Storefront, payments

✅ Product sourcing, shipping

✅ Returns, customer service

✅ Taxes, forms


🟢 How much does a Prodcast store cost?


Your Prodcast store has no upfront, recurring, or other cost.

All we ask is that you include your Prodcast link in each of your show notes to help people find your store.

💰How do I receive my weekly payouts?

Once you claim ownership of your podcast our team will verify your ownership and collect your payment information.

We support most payment options, including:

  • Bitcoin (base, lightning)
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
  • Bank Deposit (ACH)
  • Zelle

🌿 How much will I make?

You will make at least $5 from each sale from your store.

Please contact your account manager if you would like to arrange for custom product pricing.

🌴 Will this be extra work for me?

No! That's the beauty of it.

Just include your Prodcast store link (ex: in each of your show notes and we take care of the rest.

🤝 What is "Value for Value"?

In the Value for Value model, you ask your listeners to recognize the value they receive from your service and to support you with their time, talent, and treasure.

Of the many benefits you receive, you will cultivate a closer connection with your audience and more directly benefit from the value they receive from your content.