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Wealth, War and Wisdom

Wealth, War and Wisdom


Biggs, Barton

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Barton Biggs's Wealth, War & Wisdom entertains us with a creative juxtaposition of a war narrative and a security market history.

As has been the case throughout his remarkable career, Biggs adds to our store of knowledge with his elegant, wonderfully crafted prose." BARTON BIGGS spent thirty years at Morgan Stanley.

In that time, he formed the firm's number one-ranked research department, was chairman of the investment management firm, and then became the firm's leading global strategist.

He was often ranked as the number-one U.S.

investment strategist by the Institutional Investor magazine poll and then, from 1996 to 2003, as the top global strategist.

In 2003, Biggs left Morgan Stanley and, with two other colleagues, formed Traxis Partners.

Traxis now has well over a billion dollars under its management.

Biggs's previous book, Hedgehogging, is an international success.

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