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Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment


Hawkins, David R

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Discover how to transcend the limitations of the ego, relieve suffering, and advance your consciousness in this masterpiece from world-renowned author, psychiatrist, clinician, and spiritual teacher, David R.

Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

The now widely known Map of calibrated levels of Consciousness was presented in Power vs.

Force in 1995 and has been translated into all the world's major languages.

This was followed by The Eye of the I (2001), I: Reality and Subjectivity (2003), and Truth vs.

Falsehood (2005), which explored the levels of Truth reflected throughout society.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness expands on this work and returns to the exploration of the ego's expressions and limitations, giving detailed explanations and instructions on how to transcend them.

"I consider myself a student of David Hawkins and return to his books and work time and time again.

His wisdom deeply resonates with my lived experiences; he is often able to beautifully articulate what I cannot put into words.

" - Vex King As with the reading of Dr.

Hawkins' previous books, your level of consciousness will advance from exposure to the information itself.

This opens up avenues to the relief of suffering, which fulfills the purpose of the work and the intention to facilitate your own Enlightenment.

This transformative personal growth book combines elements of psychology, spirituality, and philosophy, and invites you to explore the profound depths of your own consciousness, Hawkins' genius consciousness concept will inspire you to reach new heights of spiritual and personal development.

Transcending The Levels of Consciousness is a monumental testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit.

It is an empowering book that offers inspiration and motivation on your journey of self-discovery.

Experience the profound wisdom of Dr.

David Hawkins, as he elegantly blends spirituality, psychology, and philosophy to create a comprehensive roadmap to unlock the divine potential within you so that you can step into a higher consciousness.

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