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The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future

The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future


Booth, Jeff

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"Transforming World Views: The Impact of Technology and Economics" by Jeff Booth

Bestselling author Salim Ismail heralds Jeff Booth's book as a transformative read that instantaneously alters world views. Booth, a visionary in e-commerce and technology, explores the rapid technological advancements shaping our era. He argues that these developments bring efficiency and abundance, leading to profound deflationary effects on our economy.

Booth critiques our outdated economic systems, originally designed for a pre-technology era where labor and capital were closely linked. He asserts that these systems, reliant on growth and inflation and profiting from inefficiency, are now obsolete. Yet, there's a persistent illusion that they remain functional, driven primarily by the creation of easy credit and unsustainable debt.

The book warns of the dangers in perpetuating an economic system ill-suited for the present, highlighting the potential for increased polarization and instability. Booth emphasizes the need for a new economic framework that embraces deflation and the abundance it can offer. He presents a scenario where technology, rather than being destructive, can lead to widespread prosperity.

Jeff Booth's extensive experience, including leading BuildDirect through significant crises and technological disruptions, and his accolades from prominent organizations, underline his deep understanding of the intersection between technology and economics. His book not only outlines the challenges we face but also offers a hopeful perspective on harnessing technological advances for a better future.

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