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The Hidden Cost of Money: How Financial Forces Shape Our Lives & the World Around Us

The Hidden Cost of Money: How Financial Forces Shape Our Lives & the World Around Us

Bunney, Sebastian

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Everything is Downstream of Money

Do you ever feel like you're treading water, struggling to keep up with the rising tide of expenses? From groceries to housing to transportation, your cost of living continues to climb while your wages struggle to keep up.

It's a frustrating and often isolating feeling. But the truth is, not only are you not alone in this struggle, but you are not the problem. The challenges we face stem from our money!

The Hidden Cost of Money by Seb Bunney, co-founder and CEO of the financial education platform Looking Glass, peels back the layers, revealing how money weaves its influence throughout our social, economic, and political spheres. Whether we're talking about how we, as individuals, interact with the world, environmental degradation, the deterioration of the family unit, or the rise of unproductive business practices, one underlying force connects them all:money.

With insights that challenge conventional wisdom, this book will leave you with:

  1. A newfound appreciation for the role of money in our lives.
  2. A greater understanding of what it might take to build a more prosperous, equitable and just future.
  3. Insight into guarding against the pervasive effects of our money.

And rest assured, Seb's writing dismantles jargon and simplifies the complex, making the intricate workings of our monetary system accessible to readers from all backgrounds.

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