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Elon Musk

Elon Musk


Isaacson, Walter

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New York Times Bestseller: The Story of an Innovator

From the celebrated author of the Steve Jobs biography comes an intimate narrative of this era's most fascinating and controversial innovator. This figure is none other than the visionary who has revolutionized industries with electric vehicles, private space exploration, and artificial intelligence, and who made headlines with his acquisition of Twitter.

Growing up in South Africa, he faced severe bullying, leaving scars that paled in comparison to the emotional turmoil wrought by a complex relationship with his father. These early experiences shaped a man of paradoxes: tough yet vulnerable, with an extraordinary tolerance for risk and a relentless drive that sometimes bordered on destructive.

In 2022, amidst monumental achievements with SpaceX and Tesla, he reflected on his life's perpetual crisis mode—a mindset that seemed to fuel his need to create and conquer, even as he quietly amassed Twitter shares, symbolically taking control of the proverbial playground of his childhood trials.

Walter Isaacson, the master biographer, spent two years in the shadow of this enigmatic figure, capturing the essence of his tumultuous journey. Through extensive interviews and personal observations, Isaacson presents a tale of triumphs and tribulations, posing the profound question: Are the inner demons that drive such individuals the very catalysts needed for breakthrough innovation and progress?

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