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Constantine P. Cavafy - Poems

Constantine P. Cavafy - Poems



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Second Edition: Cavafy - A New Translation

Translations evolve as languages and readers change, necessitating fresh renditions of classic works. This is especially true for a poet like Cavafy, whose work intimately resonated with the idiom of his time. Achieving an exact replication in another language is an elusive goal, given the myriad nuances in meaning, sound, and rhythm.

With what Robert Lowell termed "Imitations," this edition seeks to capture the essence of Cavafy's poetry, balancing the precision of his idiomatic speech with the music of traditional forms, all while infusing the vitality of Demotic Greek. Though perfect translation remains unattainable, editor George Amabile endeavors to convey the spirit of Cavafy's genius, making it accessible to a contemporary audience.

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